Programs we offer!

At the Bikery we have different programs 

to meet our community's needs. 

We want to create a space

where everyone feels welcome 

while having fun with bikes! 

We want to make bikes 

accessible and affordable 

to everyone

and we do that through:

Earn-A-Bike Program 

Open Shop Time

& Internship Program

We’re always looking for ways to improve- 

volunteers & feedback welcome! 


Open Shop Time

Each month we have regular times when we focus on 

supporting specific communities to learn and work on their own bikes.

If none of the Open Shop Times seem like they're for you, 

remember you're welcome to come in and use the community tool sets

 to work on your own bike any day while we're open! 

1st & 3rd  Wednesdays: Sugarbelly! 
A night for Women, Trans, & Genderqueer folks 6:30-9pm

We recognize a lot of women, trans, & genderqueer people might experience gender discrimination as a barrier to working on bikes: this is a night to build community and empower each other with  skills in bike mechanics! We have workshops and craft nites during these times too- its super fun and we hope to see you there!

2nd Tuesdays: Spanish Speakers afternoon 
1-3pm at Street Level Health

We support everyone’s right to share and learn in their own language/s. Spanish is one of the main languages spoken in our community- 2nd Tuesdays are for people to work on and learn bike mechanics in Spanish, 
at our community partner site- Street Level Health. 


Earn-A-Bike Program

In this program, youth learn skills to fix 

wheels, brakes & shifting systems. 

Students help maintain the shop 

and learn to build up their own bike 

when they graduate.  

The program meets every Tuesday & Thursday

 4-5:30pm, for two weeks out of each month. 

It's taught by youth staff members 

Kashif Asaad & Nick Martinez. 

Come in and sign up for the next session!

Internship Program

We work with interns from local high schools, empowering youth with a work-related skills including bike mechanics, whole foods cooking, environmental stewardship, & experience with a collectively-run business. 

This year we have 5 interns from Metwest High School. Internships meet each Tues & Thurs from 11:30-3pm.    Our time is spent focused on specific projects each intern has chosen, and maintaining the shop space together.     We take field trips to local shops & organizations, 
and are involved in community organizing 
in collaboration with our neighboring organizations           SOL and East Side Arts Alliance. 

Learn more about the interns at our Staff page!

Right now we are focused on spreading awareness 

about ending the gang injunctions

 that are criminalizing youth of color- 

we use our love of riding bikes

to send a public message,

 letting folks know about

what's happening in our communities. 

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